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Hi thank your for reading our new blog! This blog follows the “going on” of Adirondack Winery a new micro-winery located in Lake George, NY. Our intention with this blog is to share some insigts into our business, including but not limited, to winemaking, wine trends, announcments, general buisness items, the Lake George area, and anything else that interests us.

Ok so now some infomation on Adirondack Winery. As you know from the paragraph above we are a micro-winery, so what exactly is a micro-winery? Good question, I think the best way to discribe it is to say we are a very small winery. This year we intended to produce about 1,500 cases which puts us in the “small winery” catagory.

We do not have a vineyard and instead source our grape must from around the world (although most of it comes from California farm vineyards). We do not handle grapes, we instead source the grape must from suppliers who do that work for us, which gives us two big advantages. First, we don’t need as much space for our operation both in equipment and fermentation/aging vessels. Second we can get juice year round that is fresh – if we can find it, we can ferment it (the start of our wine-making process). Although most people associate a winery with a paticular vinyard, there are many many wineries that source grapes as opposed to growing their own.

Being a micro-winery means that we are able to offer a wide selection of wines. Where your typical commerical winery only offers 3-5 wines, our wine list offers more than 24 wines including whites, reds, fruity wines and dessert wines! This means we have a wine to suit everyone’s tastes.

Come in to visit our Winery at 285 Canada Street in Lake George; its located just across the street from Shepard Park, near the corner of Amherst. We’re always conducting wine tastings and also offer a broad selection of wine-related accessories, gifts, necessities, gourmet cheeses, chocolates, and other picnic-type fare.

Until next time, Michael & Sasha Pardy

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