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Adirondack Winery prepares for grand opening

Michael Pardy explains how he makes wine Wednesday afternoon. Pardy and his wife, Sasha, opened Adirondack Winery in Lake George in mid-April, and will host a grand opening celebration May 15.

LAKE GEORGE — The usual image of wine-making doesn’t necessarily sync with the method of production at a new micro-winery in Lake George.

Michael and Sasha Pardy are not squishing grapes in the back, and they do not have a vineyard anywhere off the coast of the lake.

But the Pardys are producing wine, and Adirondack Winery is scheduled to host a grand opening next Thursday.

The official ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. at the entrance of Adirondack Winery, 285 Canada St.

“It’s kind of a hobby that got a little out of control,” Michael Pardy said. “It’s also a dream. Anyone that gets bitten by the bug, this is kind of something that you want to do.”

The Pardys have been making wine for about five years and offer a wide selection, from white and red to fruity and dessert wines. Prices range from $12 to $22, with most in the $14 range.

On Wednesday evening, as a Rockland County couple wandered into the shop from Canada Street, Michael Pardy offered them a sample.

The visitors asked the some of the same questions the Pardys have received since their “soft opening” in mid-April: Is it a liquor store? A wine store?

Michael, co-owner and chief operating officer, pointed out that he and his wife, the president of the company, actually make their own wine.

No, they don’t have a vineyard. Yes, it’s possible to make wine in Lake George.

“People in general are so conditioned to associate a winery with a vineyard,” Sasha Pardy said.

They use grape product from a vineyard supplier in California.

They have a system of wine production equipment similar to those found at regular wineries, just smaller, Michael said.

“I think it’ll do fine,” said Gabrielle Morrell, after she and her husband, Stuart, entered the store Wednesday. “I think it’s a great idea.”

Stuart Morrell said he appreciates Adirondack Winery for being something different in a village where storefronts tend to blend.

“It’s nice to have a nice, unique place,” he said.

Sasha said the comments from customers have been similar.

“The reason people are liking it is because it’s something new and completely different to do in Lake George,” she said.

Michael largely does the actual wine production, while Sasha handles much of the marketing.

After taking photos of landmarks around the region, she transformed them into wine labels and coasters.

The winery has plans to continue celebrations throughout the weekend with wine tastings and samples of gourmet cheeses and chocolates.

For $5, patrons can taste up to five wines and keep the glass used for tasting, Michael said.

Several other outlets in Lake George sell wine, but the Pardys aren’t concerned about the competition, because they say they offer something more.

“For us, it’s more about the experience, and we really think that’s what people are liking the most — besides our wine,” Sasha Pardy said.

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