The Winery’s a Hit!

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Sasha & Mike in Action with TastersSo, our grand opening ceremony was great. A lot of Lake George people showed up to support us and I think the rush of people the hour right after was a preview of what Americade will be like.

And, this Memorial Day weekend was a success. We’ve sold out of a few of our wines, but new ones are always coming online as well. We’re planning to start selling a few varieties of New York State wines as well.

The best part of what we do is getting to meet so many different people and see their reactions to our wines. Its fun finding out what type of wines each person is into.

I think people are starting to appreciate our selection of gourmet cheeses, chocolates, gifts and accessories.

The wines that have been the most popular are definitely our fruity wines (Strawberry Riesling, Green Apple Gewurztraminer, Blackberry Merlot and Blueberry Shiraz); Shiraz and Pinot Noir for our Reds; and Gewurztraminer and Pinot Grigio for our whites.

Here’s a few pictures from our grand opening:

Adirondack Winery Grand Opening Ceremony

Adirondack Winery Grand Opening Tasting Crowd

Sasha in Conversation with Tasters at Grand Opening


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