Love the Summer of Wine

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Well, it’s August at Adirondack Winery & Tasting Room in Lake George, NY.

July started out good around July 4th and has only gotten better each week. People have really enjoyed coming into the winery for a wine tasting, which of course are delighted with! I feel like we have “converted” so many people who don’t normally drink wine that end up really enjoying it – one of our missions was to breed future wine lovers.

We’ve had great conversations with people from all walks of life and from all sorts of different countries.

It’s been raining alot in Lake George – I guess more than normal, which is hampering business for some – the rain – at least mild rain isn’t bad for us because it means people aren’t out and about boating and beaching, so they find other things to do.

I’ve been really happy to find that people are enjoying our wide selection of unique gifts and are even thinking ahead to Christmas. Here’s the page to check ‘em out if you’re interested.

And as you know, we’ve been challenged with keeping our wines in stock this summer, so we’ve been supplementing with other New York State wines. I’m really happy that we’ve got a bunch of our best red wines coming back out now – we’ve been quite thin – so August should be a really great month of great wine!

Another great thing is every Thursday’s fireworks. I love that Lake George does this each week and they put on a great show every time  – we’re fortunate enough to have a great view right on the sidewalk out front our store.

Thanks for reading this blog and I’d love to hear from any of who you visited or are interested in visiting the winery.

In Wine there is Truth.

Adirondack Winery

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