Our view of the Adirondack Balloon Festival 2008

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A Balloon in the Adirondack Balloon Festival Sunset
A Balloon in the Adirondack Balloon Festival Sunset
Balloons at Moonglow 2008
Balloons at Moonglow 2008

This past Thursday through Sunday was the much-anticipated annual event, The Adirondack Balloon Festival. The event brings 90 hot air balloonists from all over to the Glens Falls-Lake George region. On Thursday night, we attended the opening launch at Crandall Park in Glens Falls. Thousands of people were gathered, but it was so windy, not many balloons went off.


On Saturday, we were very busy all day long at the Winery, a welcome boon we didn’t expect. The streets were not chock full of people, so we’re thinking part of the reason we were so busy was because visitors to Lake George didn’t have a ton of options for places to visit, as many of the stores and attractions have already closed.

Around 4pm, we turned onto Ridge Road in queensbury, leading to the Airport, and we sat in the car for 1.5 hours to go the couple miles to get to the festival that day. My daughter was so excited to have fun on the bouncy houses, that I couldn’t convince her to turn around. A lot more balloons went off that evening, even though it was still windy; however, there definitely wasn’t 90 balloons like was advertised. The special shape balloons we enjoyed were an Alien, a Polar Bear, A Doggy, and a Lady Bug.

We headed up to Lake George about 7pm to make the “Moon Glow”, an event where a handful of hot air balloons are lit up in the night, attemptedly to music. If we didn’t have our own store and place to park, we would have never made it. It was really pretty to see the balloons light up in a colorful night display, but boy there were so many people. The view would have been best from the Steamboats I think.

Below are some pictures I took:

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