Valentine’s Day at the Winery: A Review

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That’s the primary thing I have to say about Valentine’s Day at Adirondack Winery! Thanks a million to all of you who came in droves to attend our “Valentine’s Day for Wine Lovers and Learners” event! We were very surprised at the level of response. It was by far our biggest event to date and it was also one of the most successful weekends we’ve ever had!

What were we doing? We gave a free taste of Swedish Hill or Glenora sparkling wine and Grafton Village Sage Cheddar to everyone as they walked in the door, which they enjoyed as they stood in line munching on Stonewall Kitchen gourmet foods before they walked up to our tasting bar to enjoy a FREE couples tasting of any three (3) wines of their choice.

The event was advertised from 11am – 5pm. It really started to fill up about noon and a line throughout the winery persisted right through 5pm. We continued the three free tastings until we closed at 7pm I think it was? I don’t exactly remember, we were so tired! Initially, Mike & I thought we would only need Kory, plus us to handle the event. But boy were we wrong! We were all going at full speed and hadn’t had any breaks. We’re lucky enough to have dependable employees. With literally no notice, both Sean and Melissa came in to save us for a few hours!

Winter is usually really slow at the winery, since we’re in Lake George, so even though the Lake George Winter Carnival was going on, we didn’t expect it to be nearly as busy as it was! I think somehow the event caught on more than usual, as far as making it on to calendars. I emailed all the local papers, the chamber, warren county tourism, and that we were doing the event, as well as our inner circle members….but I did a search online and found the event listed more places than I expected!

Anyway, thanks again for all of you who came and were patient enough to wait to try our wines. We did our best and really hope you enjoyed it!

So what’s next? I’ve got to think of an event for March (Any ideas?). But in April, we hit our one-year anniversary! Woohoo! So I’ve got to do something really good. I’m leaning towards an invitation-only, catered event, exclusively for our inner circle members. If the RSVP list grows enough, than we might have to take it off-premises and add live entertainment, we’ll see!

Anyway, if you attended our Valentine’s Day event, tell us what you thought by posting a comment. Likewise, let me know what you think of upcoming events… 

– Sasha

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One thought on “Valentine’s Day at the Winery: A Review

    Hannah Guillory said:
    February 23, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    My husband and I have absolutely loved your wines and your store since we discovered it last summer! My favorite is your Prospect Mountain White. :~) We had a blast at your Valentine’s Day event, and we look forward to your upcoming events as well.

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