What a Winter Carnival!

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Hey everyone!

What a great winter carnival we had this year. The weather was great, there was ice and snow and plenty of people came out this year to have a great time! Again we are very happy with the number of familiar faces who visited us for the first time since the fall.

Even in a town where the majority of the people who walk through our doors have never been into our store before, we have started to develop a family of customers who not only purchase our products but provide us with a little bit of the “Cheers” feeling. You know, “Cheers, where everybody knows your name!” I can hear the tune now…. (For anyone who knows me, they know I can’t remember a name to save my life but I can usually remember what they bought, where you stood and sometimes what you were wearing the last time you were in, even if it was months ago. So please don’t hold me to the everyone knows your name quote!)

Here’s some updates on our winery happenings.

- We finally have all 31 of our wine varietals in stock and in most cases have a substantial inventory of each wine.

- We have hired a part-time sales rep to start selling our wine to local restraunts. We hope to have a pretty good list of locations by Summer, so check out our website for details.

- We will be having a free wine tasting on March 14th, with free samples of Grafton Village Cheddar cheese and Chocolate Gecko chocolate and Stonewall Kitchen goodies as well.

- Keep an eye out for our anniversary promotion in the late part of March and April. It’s been a great year for us and we intend to celebrate a bit more than usual! We hope to continue our success into the next year, bucking the economic trend. We know that our succsess is based on two very important things: Great wine and Great customers that like to drink it!

Last but not least, I started to notice that spring is around the corner! I heard birds today that I believe to be Robins, but I didn’t see them. Also some of the trees have buds on them! Yes it’s a bit early for buds on the trees but at least it’s a good sign!

– Mike

Thanks for reading and please drink responsibly

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