Our new wine Barbera has been released!

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Hey everyone, this week I thought I would talk about our new wine — Barbera — which is now ready and available for sale.

Label: The Night Lights of the Village reflect on Lake George before the July 4th Fireworks
Label: The Village's Night Lights Shine on Lake George Before the July 4th Fireworks

I am sure that many of our customers won’t be familiar with Barbera and for most, the first time they’ll ever taste it will be in our winery.

Barbera is an Italian-style grape that we source from the Woodbridge wine growing district of California, which is nestled between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, which enjoys a classic Mediterranean climate, featuring warm days and cool, pleasant evenings.

This red wine has a really nice ruby color and forward blackberry character with just a hint of raspberry. It has a pretty solid tannin structure leading to a nice, smooth finish and its poignant fruitiness still shines through. We did add a bit of oak, which adds a touch of smokiness to the wine.

So far, we’ve had the Barbera out for just a few days and everyone who tried it bought a bottle, so that’s a really good sign! I think this wine will be very popular, maybe even giving some of our best selling reds a run for their money!

Looking to the future, we do hope to add two more wines this season — one I will keep a secret for now. We will also be introducing a sweeter version of our Blushing Trees White Zinfandel (the new wine has yet to be named). For some reason, everyone thinks White Zinfandel should be sweet :o). Also, some more grape types have opened up to us and we are hoping to add a few more wines next year.

I hope everyone has a great week and next week will be our anniversary week and I will talk a bit about that.

– Mike

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