Adirondack Winery’s 2nd Anniversary is Met with 3 Awards for its Wines

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LAKE GEORGE, NY (April 5, 2010):  Not only is Adirondack Winery celebrating its second Anniversary this month, but it is also pleased to announce that three of its wines won awards at the recently-held 2010 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.


Adirondack Winery’s Cabernet Franc took a Silver Medal at the Competition, while its Rocky Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc took home Bronze Medals.


“We couldn’t be happier that the milestone of completing our second successful year in business has also been met with news of three of our wines earning medals. To date, 10 of our wines have won medals, even though we have entered only a handful of competitions. Fortunately, our wine drinkers are showing that they agree with the judges, as we are enjoying a seemingly ever-expanding base of loyal customers,” said Adirondack Winery President, Sasha Pardy.


Adirondack Winery wine-maker and CEO, Michael Pardy, crafted Adirondack Winery’s silver-medal winning Cabernet Franc starting from grape must sourced from a vineyard in the Lodi Region of California. His techniques produced a medium-bodied, plum-colored, smooth red wine offering a peppery perfume and fresh raspberry flavor, as well as understated tones of violets and tobacco.


The wine label on Adirondack Winery’s Cabernet Franc features a gorgeous photograph of Lake George’s Battlefield Park in autumn (label photo below, attached), taken by Sasha Pardy. In fact, all of Adirondack Winery’s wine labels feature photography of landscapes, landmarks and events of the local Adirondacks region.


Adirondack Winery’s bronze-medal winning Sauvignon Blanc is a well-balanced, full-bodied dry white wine that is crisp and luscious, carrying understated grapefruit and herbaceous tones. The Sauvignon Blanc label features a photograph of the view of Lake George from Shepard Park in autumn.


Adirondack Winery’s bronze-medal winning Rocky Shiraz is a soft and supple red wine with a ripe black plum character that offers a subtle but persistent spice with just a hint of cocoa. The Rocky Shiraz label features a photograph of the colorful bedrocks at the Pottersville Bridges & Caves in Pottersville, NY.


ABOUT ADIRONDACK WINERY: Adirondack Winery opened April 17, 2008 as the region’s first micro-winery and the only winery in Warren County, NY. Winemaker and CEO, Michael Pardy, sources quality grape must from various vineyards to create the more than 40 wine varietals on Adirondack Winery’s wine list. Sasha Pardy, President, takes all of the photographs for Adirondack Winery’s wine labels, which feature landscapes, landmarks and special events in the local region. With its wine-making facility and tasting room located at 285 Canada Street in the heart of Lake George, Adirondack Winery has been met with success during its first two seasons in operation. 


The owners, Michael & Sasha Pardy, are available for interviews upon request by calling 518-668-WINE or emailing at
Images of the winery are available here:


(click pictures to retrieve higher quality label images)


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