Full Speed Ahead into Summer at Adirondack Winery in Lake George!

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We’re pleased to report that we’ve just come off two very busy weeks in Lake George – the long Memorial Day weekend and Americade!

I’m pretty sure that we’re seeing the effects of people’s economic situation and confidence improving, as there are more people coming through our doors than in both 2009 and 2008 in our case and the good news for us is that these visitors seem to be a bit more liberal with their spending than they were in the previous two years as well! Of course, we can’t totally attribute this to the economy, b ecause we could simply be seeing the effect of our customers spreading positive word of mouth, and our returning customers realizing that they have to buy enough wine to last them through until they can visit lake george again!Its so nice to be back into the swing of things….once the kids get out of school we’ll have our full staff on hand and there will almost always be someone at our wine tasting bar! This summer, we have 3 staffers coming back and 3 new ones joining our friendly little group….the new ones are always surprised to see how busy summer can be! Anyways, it was great seeing so many during Memorial Day weekend and we were especially pleased to be more popular with the Americaders than we have been in the past! We look forward to seeing more familiar and new faces this summer!In other news, Korrey, who many of you know from our tasting bar, is also our wholesale sales rep and has been doing a great job getting new liquor stores in the area to carry our wine! Of course, the persistence of our customers requesting our wines at certain stores has helped a lot, too, so please keep requesting us to be added to your favorite stores! Our two most recent wins?….

  • Empire Wine & Spirits

     Empire Wine & Spirits – the huge liquor warehouse at 1440 Central Ave in Albany will start carrying Adirondack Winery’s Strawsling and Prospect Mtn White this week…..this is the store that SO MANY of you have told me you want us to get into, so finally we’ve done it!! Management at Empire said that they will add more wines to their inventory as customers request them to do so….so please make your desires known to the staff there! The other good news with Empire is that they have an online website and the ability to ship to more states than we can…so we’ll be sure to let you know when you can order our wines online from them! 

  • Olde Saratoga Wine & Spirits   at 33 Ferry Street in Schuylerville is our next most recent addition. Owners Marc and Tari welcome customers to their hometown liquor store and specialty wine shop seven days a week. They boast one of the areas finest collections of specialty wines for all tastes and occasions! They are now carrying Adirondack Winery’s Riesling, Prospect Mtn. White, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Amethyst Sunset! 

  • We expect our next new addition to be a wine / liquor store in Mechaniville that has been planning to add our wines to their inventory.

Returning customers always ask us which new wines we have to offer. This summer, our answers are Berry Blush (Raspberry White Zin), Serene White (Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio), and Season’s Flourish (Pomegranate Zinfandel)…all of which are doing really well, meaning almost selling out….but the most popular one has probably been Serene White so far….as it just oozes “Summer”!!! 

Let’s see….what else is new…we’ve gotten a lot smarter with the wine accessories and gifts we’re selling in the winery this year. We have so many unique things that people are usually surprised and put us on their list for shopping for gifts for people in the future. After all, we did win #1 place for shopping for gifts AND #2 for shopping in general in Lake George last year! Even better, all our items are available on our online store as well! Some of my favorite items, Rhinestone t-Shirts with Funny Sayings, Wine Hand Lotions and Lip Balms, Hand Painted Wine Glasses, Cork Cages, “Woozies”…even more! 

What else? Hmm….oh. If you didn’t have a chance to try our wine ice creams last year….make it a point to do so this year. We have pints that can be brought back home or to your hotel, campground, etc….and they are TOO delicious and creamy (and have 5% alcohol) to not give them a try! 

That’s it for now….Thanks as always! 



Adirondack Winery 

Lake George, NY 


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