Summer Wine Makes Us Feel Fine!

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Summer is here and we have so much to look forward to! From getting to see all of your sun-tanned faces back in our store to new seasonal wines and exciting wine-tasting events; we have one fun-filled summer ahead of us!

While most of you know about and are looking forward to the return of Mellow Blush, our Watermelon White Merlot (which just hit shelves, by the way!), we have a few new surprises in store for you this year! We will be introducing Musical Medley,  a limited-edition, tropical fruit Chardonnay! A large portion of the profits from this wine will benefit the Lake George Community Band, so now you have an extra reason to feel good about drinking Adirondack Winery wine!

We are also excited to announce that we will be selling our Pinot Grigio, Prospect Mountain White and Fireworks Red Merlot in convenient Astrapouches this summer! Astrapouches hold two, 750ml bottles of wine and can be re-sealed to maintain freshness over a longer period of time. This means you can now take Adirondack Winery wine with you out on your boat, to barbeques and picnics, and even the racetrack without the worry of a glass bottle. Just throw the Astrapouch in your cooler and go! Astrapouches hit shelves soon and will be sold in-store only, so make sure you plan your visit(s) to Adirondack Winery early this summer!

If all of this wasn’t exciting enough for you, Adirondack Winery is also introducing a Summer Happy Hour Series! Every Wednesday from June 20th – July 25th (excluding July 4th) will be Wine Wednesday at Adirondack Winery from 4pm – 7pm. During these times we will be whipping up some delicious, wine cocktails and providing samples to all customers who purchase a regular wine tasting during that time. We will also be passing out recipe cards so you can make these fun, summer drinks at home! Any ingredients and store products used in the recipes will be an additional 10% off during that time, so you won’t want to miss out!

Like I said, this is going to be one fun, wine-filled summer! The fun starts this weekend with the annual Elvis Festival, followed by Americade next weekend and don’t forget the Big Apple Circus comes to town in July! Be sure to keep checking our events page as well as for a full list of Lake George and Adirondack Winery events this summer!


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