Spice Up Your Summer BBQ with Adirondack Winery!

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Barbeques are one of the best parts of summer and what better way to take it up a notch than to add some Adirondack Winery wine! We’ve got a few ideas to take your summer barbeque from good to great and leave your guests going back for seconds… maybe thirds!

A signature cocktail is a great way to set your barbeque apart from the rest. It’s a good thing our Wine Wednesday recipes are now available on our online store! Serve our refreshing Strawsling Slush, Fireworks Sangria or Berry Blush Punch with wine ice cream and your guests will be talking about it all summer long!

Anyone can serve up some burgers & hot dogs but pairing your menu with Adirondack Winery wines will bring out the best in your favorite barbeque foods! Serving fruit salad? Pair it with Prospect Mountain White, Strawsling or Serene White for added refreshment and flavor. Shrimp skewers go wonderfully with Semillon and try your grilled chicken with our Pinot Grigio!

Burgers can be paired with Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, but if you like burgers and you  like red wine than you’ll love these red wine-infused burgers! And why have regular macaroni and cheese when you have Chardonnay Macaroni and Cheese!

Now that we’ve covered the menu you’re going to need a few little extras to make your summer barbeque complete! No one likes a wet wine glass dripping all over their summer’s best, or a refreshing white wine that turns luke warm before it’s finished. Woozies are the best way to solve this problem! With brand new designs, you’ll not only look good while enjoying your favorite wine, but these stretchable, washable wine glass and bottle covers will keep your wine the perfect temperature while keeping your hands and clothes nice and dry!

Our Picnic Stix Wine Set is a great way to keep your wine close by without the worry of tipping and spilling. Simply stake these bottle and glass holders into the ground and your Adirondack Winery wine is just an arms-length away!

I hope you’ll be able to use some (or all) of these ideas at your next summer gathering. All this talk about barbeques has made me hungry… and thirsty! So, until next time… Cheers!

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