Wine for Thought: The Truth About Wine!

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wine-for-thoughtGet ready for the truth about wine! Today I am going to debunk some of the most common wine myths out there, that may just be preventing you from branching out and trying new wines.

Myth #1: Sulfites in Wine Cause Headachessmall water bottle

Have you ever heard someone say that they can’t drink wine because the sulfites in wine will give them a headache? The theory that sulfites cause headaches is one of the biggest myths or misunderstandings when it comes to wine. Most of the time, the wine-induced headache that people experience is caused by dehydration. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and acts as a diuretic which can lead to dehydration. Dehydration is known to cause headaches. Drinking enough water throughout the day can help to avoid this problem; and of course, remember to drink in moderation.

Myth #2: The Older the Better

aging-wineWhile we may get better with age, wine does not always age as gracefully. Most wines are actually made to be consumed within 1 to 3 years from the time of their release. A very small percentage of wines are made to age 10, 20 or 30 years. These wines typically consist of concentrated fruits and structured tannins, and they require proper storage and a whole lot of self-control! Can you imagine having to stare at a bottle of Strawsling for 10 years before you could drink it? Not happening!

Myth #3: Blended Wines are not as Good as Single Varietals

The idea that a single varietal wine is better than a blended wine is a common misconception and simply not true. The fact is, that often, the varietals that make up a  mixed-wines-with-logo-on-glassesblended wine can complement one another rather well and enhance each other’s characteristics. Think about it; you like Cabernet and you like Merlot. Doesn’t it make sense that you may like them together? Don’t let blends scare you; and don’t be afraid to try your own blends. Click here to see the instructions from our Wine Blending Party back in January and have some fun with wine blending on your own or with friends!

Myth #4: The Fridge is for White Wines Only

dreamstime_xl_7530931On the off-chance that you have some leftover wine, you might be interested to know that cold acts as a preservative for both white AND red wines once they have been opened. Of course, you will have to bring your reds back to room temperature (57°F – 65°F) before enjoying them again. Along with refrigeration, the Vacu Vin Pump and Bottle Stopper can help your wine to last a few extra days after opening.

I hope this clears up some confusion and allows you to explore more options when choosing your wines.


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